Age, Weight, Target Heart Rate and Sign, Please

If this means I'm supposed to work out twice a day, the authors can kiss both of my hairy butts.


Skylers Dad said...

I'm a Taurus and hate treadmills. It lies Michael!

GETkristiLOVE said...

But what if your moon and sun risings are in different zodiacs - does it mean you have to work out THREE times a day, each differently?

ttractor said...

"it's not you--it's your fitness plan"???? how about: it's not you, it's your lazy frito-sucking ass? (hear that loud angry sound? that's my personal responsibility alarm going off. gotta go take care of that.)

vikkitikkitavi said...

Why do you know about this???

michael said...

sd: Yeah, pardon my skepticism as well, but I've yet to see a hot astrologer.

gkl: You mean like you do, you tasty little gym rat?

tt: Now whip it! Into shape! Shape it up! Get straight! Go forward! Move ahead!

VTT: I hear things, VTT. I hear things.