Announcing the near-release of Java SE7 Programming Essentials

The drafting is done, the code examples checked again and again, the graphics mulled over and tables formatted. A bit of proof-reading the typeset material, waiting for the publishing/releasing/distributing process to do its thing, and we'll all have Java SE 7 Programming Essentials to pick apart and vilify on Amazon. Planned release date, November 13. With luck and good tailwinds, maybe the end of October.

It's been quite the experiment, this book, more in re-discovering the process of writing and editing for publication than covering the subject matter, which I have been teaching for years, albeit not at an introductory level. It's the literal cover-to-cover process of working out a book that gets you.

Speaking of covers, this one is one of a few elements I had no control over. Since this is a Java book, I'm going to call this guy "Not C" Paul Ryan. My worst fear is someone will think this is me.

Oh well, I did get to control the content. And it is my best effort at helping anyone who'd like to (or needs to) learn Java. If someone you know is taking a run at learning Java, or preparing for the Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer exam, I am very happy to say we've done good here. Not just the people at Sybex-Wiley, but also my development editor, Kathryn Duggan, and my technical editor, Ernest Friedman-Hill. My name is on the cover, sure, but the dreadful image above would be the only thing worth talking about without their work. I won't be done thanking them for some time to come.

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