Moving to Picasa

I hit Flickr's freebie limits for storage. It's a matter of time before I hit Picasa's too, but it's a bit further off, has tiered-pricing for storage limits, and it's tied into Google with a lot of other googly crap I have. It's coming, you know, their final product: Google P*wned. My prediction: a Super Bowl XLV Google spot, featuring Emperor Ming. He casts a menacing glance at an audience of umbraged iPussies. They hurl withering but cogent ripostes at his image. He flashes them his new input device, and tells them to bend over for some online access. Steve Jobs is wheeled on-screen to perform a tutorial -- sorry, 'scuse me, a scenario. No, wait, sorry again, a use case. Anyway, it'll be the kind of justice you might imagine -- on Jobs, say, when your mass-produced $600 iPhone is now twice as good and selling for $200 -- but never really expected, or wanted, to see.

Anyway, I'm putting photos on Picasa, more or less one at a time until the fothermucker's at AT&T initiate the DSL service they promised us yesterday. If you've read recent articles on it, you've heard some carriers are reluctant to provide so-called dry loops, aka DSL without a phone line. In our case, not only has AT&T insisted it takes a week to process the order, they took three days just to enter our order. Friday, end of the day. So the clock didn't "really" start until the following Monday.

AT&T, you're such a petulant, whiny little bitch of a phone company. I hope Google Ming does you for an hour. Which is to say not really, but I sure am imagining it, probably for about another week. Oh, but starting whenever I decide to put the order in. Probably late Friday, holiday weekend. Sure hope my few expert technicians who know how to do this work can get to it on Tuesday.

Yeah yeah, I was blogging about pictures. It will take time to load them all, even with full bandwidth, as I'm trying to date, tag and locate each one as I go. Meanwhile, if you're interested, what I've got so far is here.


GETkristiLOVE said...

That was a whole lotta crab apple to get to a mere twenty photos - most of which I've seen. Let me know when you've got a real connection.

BTW, E. is a beautiful spittin' image.

SkylersDad said...

The kids are beautiful, but what is this need to date, tag and locate each photo?

All of mine are in two folders, Stuff and Misc...

Michael said...

gkl: Connection up! More pictures to come; keep your blades on, ho!

And yeah, the little girl she grows the gorgeous.

sd: Just trying to put some dates and places to my itinerant lifestyle. If I'm-a bother with pictures at all...