[05/26/2006] Three Recollections, 1978

In translation, the Japanese man said
he had achieved atari.
He was joined with a prostitute at the time.
The moment surprised him,
but it did not elude him.
The whoremonger, in flow.
There may have been a point to this, which I've forgotten.

The Catholic Father in Portola, the Irishman.
I remember his smile now.
One summer, after reading a geometry book,
I wanted to know its slope, or a function that described his winter stroke.
No one will tell me where it was that his face fell.

In Midsummer Night's Dream.
I, Flute, am playing Thisby.
Who desires a kiss of Pyramus
through musty Wall.
I am neither Flute nor Thisby, but a teenage boy, reluctant.
The director only says, "Use that."

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