I'm still buzzing from my time last week at JavaOne. It was full-on nerd time, and I was long overdue for some. So I'm processing all that, a little here and a little there mostly. And that process time is taking me away, for now, from writing about my real worlds, both the innie and the outie versions. Sorry.

Isn't it interesting how one mind can find so much to say, and so easily, about how boring Design Pattern presentations can be, and draw a blank on what's going on under the skin at the same time? What is that? Honestly, I marvel at and envy the person who can flit from one side of the brain to the other at will. I suppose it is safer to fumble around mentally, trying to recall Professor Tully's comments on determining eigenvalues in a given matrix, than it is to fumble around verbally, trying to say what it means to drive Haight St for the first time 20 years, or stop outside the house in the Sunset where, in 1968 or so, I took off, as my mother recently surmised, 'in search of the perfect family.'

I'm not afraid of you or of what you think, just so we're clear. It's the not-you, the non-thoughts, some place I knew well for a good thirteen years of my life. I'd rather not look in just now. Apologies.

But I've got some blog entries of a personal nature elsewhere that I want to re-print them here. I'm a month-plus away from 45, I got a ton of shit to do before 2008 can go away, and consolidating and housekeeping are not the least items on my lists. First order of business: get all my lists together on one list.

This looks like the time to dredge, refill, look back a little, get some juices flowing. I'll post those re-posts with their original dates so you can tell them apart from the new stuff.

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