Coming Soon: How to Buy the Lord's Underwear

In the current mist of my brain, where it's been decided I have nothing to say that is worth writing down, I'm musing over Google's AdSense-ibility over my likely readership, based on however it is they reap from my word choice.

Just recently it was a come-to-Jesus-Church-something, owing to my now-ancient-but-front-page comment on some Creationist threater troupe public exception-taking to Kathy Griffin's too-rapid intake of LA fumes before speaking to some award ceremony audience.  A minute ago it was boy's underwear. Then, in a cool manifestation of spooky action at a distance -- that is, AdSense anticipating my umbrage at their interpretation of my content -- AdSense changes, to just underwear. Ah, now you've dialed it in, good for you.

Naturally I'm looking through my own content to figure out what the hell. I make mention of an Irish priest (no, the guy never touched me), boys clowning around, Midsummer Night's Dream...yeah, not seeing the connection. What is AdSense, in its gi-normous data cache cross-referencing wisdom, trying to project on my audience here?

Oh, and if you're wondering, the three of you -- one in L.A. (Vikki?), one in CO (Chris?) and one in Iowa (the boy's underwear perv?) -- why I have AdSense on this woefully site: for the hell of it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not suckin' Satan's pecker for interweb* micro-cents. Not until I actually earn one, anyway. When that happens or just before I die, whichever comes first, I'll check in with my soul and tell you what I find. 

And I know it's just three of you**, by the by, because I recently signed up with Google Analytics, too. Pretty cool, I have to admit, that you can see where your readers are and what they look at. And that I can count 'em on one hand! One of my most heavily-overused figures of speech made literal, nice!

Oh, and I had half of my teeth planed and scaled today. That leaves the upper rights to go. And then my tooth guy wants to replace my fillings. Cool; I'm tired of looking at all that disgusting black metal too. 

*I just wanted you all to know I can be ironical.
**People I am sleeping with don't make the count.

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