Original Coke and New Coke, at it again.

Only this time, it's hip-hop personal!

Scanning the Yahoo! news as I do, I can't help notice, like a zoo hippopotamus preparing to receive a cabbage, the hyped knock-down, drag-out, cage match in CD sales between 50 Cent, aka Original Coke, and Kanye West, aka New Coke.

Original Coke, so we're told, will stop producing solo CDs if sales of New Coke surpass it. That appears to have happened already in the UK. The chaos and excitement over that revelation has subsided, and it appears the US markets have followed suit.

In other news, last night's winner at the dot races was blue. Suck on it, red!

Elsewhere it's still Leno over Letterman, Hertz or Avis, Explorer over Firefox, and Samsung over LG Semicon.

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Skylers Dad said...

What's the status of less filling tastes great?