Nieuw bericht - You can't pin this one on us, which is too bad

On the day of our arrival in The Netherlands, this artifact was discovered at sea. It was recovered and put on the beach so kids could play with it. I think it was supposed to say "No more real than you are."

Wouldn't that be a lovely United States, where something you fish out of the water looks like something other than an ecohazard?

I was only disappointed to learn it wasn't made of more pieces.

We decided to cross from Harwich, England to Hoek of Holland by liner, overnight. I highly recommend the experience if you're ever out this way.


Skylers Dad said...

As you strolled about the promenade level rubbing elbows with the wealthy, did your thoughts wander back to the rest of us minions slaving away behind our keyboards?

Or were you too busy looking for U-boats?

GETkristiLOVE said...

If it were the U.S., it would be a dead body.

But you kids don't think about us poor dolts back here, and have a fab time.

Skylers Dad said...

So, you gotta be back by now. What gives? How was it?