and the President you rode in on.

Alberto Gonzales, scourge of civil rights, overlord of selective memory loss, bagman of partisan warfare, cabin boy to the worst US President of all time, the one man who could actually take the legal profession lower in the eyes of Americans, and the least funny person to sound like Sam Kinison ever, has resigned.

And stay the fuck out, sir. Don't come back.


Skylers Dad said...

"least funny person to sound like Sam Kinison"...

God, you're right Michael. I never realized it until you pointed it out!

I guess Gonzales never screamed "you live in a fucking desert!" or I would have connected it right away.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Care to start a pool on where he'll end up?

Michael said...

sd: There are surprisingly (to me) few bloggers to note that similarity. Even more surprising is SNL or like show hasn't done a bit on it, not that I've heard anyway.

vtt: Legal counsel for Dunder-Mifflin?