What's the Difference Between the Olympics, New York City, and a Star Wars Convention?

Two out of the three acknowledge the risks of casual sex and plan for it. NYC started giving away condoms on Valentine's Day this year, to the tune of about 5 million a month. And you can't say they're not having a little (packaging) fun in the process.

Skyler's Dad caught wind that the 2012 Olympics host, London, is urging proper planning for the same, based on reports that condom distribution at the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City topped 250,000 units. Personally, I'm not surprised. You'd get less action throwing a lit match into a Chinatown alley in July than you would dropping snowboarders onto Utah ski slopes. I applaud the enlightened approach to the problem, too. After all, we have all the Osmonds we need, don't you think?


GETkristiLOVE said...

On the other hand, the Star Wars attendees, having never been laid before, think that condoms are some kind of futuristic water balloons.

BTW, did you say you went to that thing?

Oh and P.S. Where's the insult dog link?

Michael said...

I was there but I didn't inhale.

The ending of this painfully funny bit is custom-made for you, hon. You'll want to pee before you watch.