Socks in Crocs

Look, sir. Look, sir. Iraq's in hock, sir.
All those trips with troops and tanks, sir.
All those traps and mines, no thanks, sir.

First we made a quick troop push, sir.
Now we tally the poor troops quashed, sir.

You could bring those live troops back, sir,
Before we count yet more lost troops, sir.

You can make a quick troop pull back, sir.
You've already made a dead troop toll stack, sir.

Please, sir. I can't not count the dead, sir.
My heart's not hard nor slick nor glib, sir.
I see all our troops and tanks, sir,
Getting mixed with mines and traps, sir.

Socks in Crocs, I hate this game, sir!
This game makes me feel quite lame, sir.

Socks in Crocs, sir, what a shame, sir.


Props to GetKristiLove for spotting this pic.
She can't stand Crocs; they make her sick.
To see them on the Prez -- what a pill!
Enough to make us all quite ill.


Skylers Dad said...

Bravo, bravo (polite golf-style clapping). You need to have this published sir!

GETkristiLOVE said...

Me likes the poem you write there
It's okay, you hit the point there
While I would like to propel your I.Q.
it's not as good as your Star Trek haiku

Michael said...

sd: Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week!

gkl: Woman, don't be giving up my go-to moves!

vikkitikkitavi said...

Dig that falling meter!

Whacha call that, a little trochaic tetrameter?

Very nice.