First Jewel from Stars Wars Celebration IV

A Christmas long ago, in a state of mind now far, far away, my son Patrick had just one request for a gift: to attend Star Wars Celebration IV. One might wonder what kind of 12-year old one-track mind would wait nearly six months for his Santa payoff, and how that much anticipation could pan out.

Maybe three times in the interim did Patrick make so much as an anxious inquiry into my planning. It was more than an impressive display of restraint, as those of you who know my love for planning anything, but will keep your mouths shut in front of my son, can attest.

Again I've been on the road a lot, so the new digicam software isn't installed yet on the laptop. I will upload pictures later this week.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this little treat. Pink Five is a series of short films that recover the unjustly marginalized story of Stacey in the Star Wars™ documentaries. Stacey, a Rebel™ pilot who takes part in the DEATH STAR™ assault, presumably escaped the notice of historians hired by George Lucas™. Several back-channel theories have formed over this uncharacteristically blind eye. The most plausible so far is that George Lucas™ may have felt audiences would be distracted from the larger story if Han Solo™ was seen totally crushing on Stacey.

Solo's sudden disregard for Stacey leads her down a dark path indeed, which is the subject of the episode embedded below. Don't let George Lucas merchandise the truths he finds convenient! Get all the facts, then judge for yourself:


Skylers Dad said...

Damn that was funny! I love the "lawn mower" starter on he X-wing!

GETkristiLOVE said...

Did you wear your Han shot first shirt to the shindig?

Michael said...

SD: Go see the others ones! This one is the best, but the others are fun too.

gkl: Day one, baby! Over the weekend we saw maybe 5-6 others. We gave each other the solidarity fist, natch.