AdSense and Sensibility

Being a big player in scraping flecks of gold from the massive bullion bar that is internet traffic, I installed Google Adsense on this page a couple weeks ago. I figured, hey, I have 3-4 people who regularly comment. Using a common marketing rule, that means as many as ten times that amount might be coming through! I can smell the cash.

But mostly I thought it would be fun to see which advertisers Google thinks best complements my content. That payoff, lady and gentleman, is here in today's featured ad.

Although I must say, having had Catholicism waged upon me at an early age, primarily by my maternal grandmother, ain't no fuckin' academy what could top that.


vikkitikkitavi said...

"Troubled Teen Boys School"? What fucking year is it, anyway?

No doubt Spencer Tracy is in charge.

Skylers Dad said...

"ANIMAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM", where Timmy gets to learn how to make big money breeding Pit Bulls for dog fighting!

Hey, everyone needs a skill...

GETkristiLOVE said...

What else will you do for money?

Michael said...

VTT: Complete with halo lighting over that pain-of-Jesus face he makes. The thing about that emotional manipulation in the cinema of our forebears, you might as well just hit everyone over the head with a fucking hammer.

sd: I'm surprised more people don't spoof AdSense for a good laugh. Imagine a Google Ad for Vicks' Dog Training Academy.. Dark, but funny.

gkl: How much are you offering?