It's Getting to the Point Where I'm No Fun Anymore

So begins a fuddy-duddy Crosby Stills & Nash song that I still enjoy. And, as with many songs I have been listening to for a few decades, I'm often deaf to its anachronisms.

So I played this song recently for a friend who objected to, late in the lyrics:

Be my lady

Fair enough, it's cheesy for 2007. I, for one, looking across one certain piece of my home state late in the afternoon, crazy son-of-b1tch polyglot of terrains it may be: temperaments from peachy to sullen; ecologies from the aching parch to the screaming green; economies from fleet three-card Monte stands to Berber walls; politics from dilated-pupil skinhead to smug highbrow; and midriffs ranging in circumference from cross-stitch hoops to hula hoops; rangy though it may be, I think one can allow a 40-year old sentiment to lay in one's ear the way its writer had hoped to land it.

My daughter is looking at a series of monster mounted fish, lining the walls of a coffee shop. This German Brown from Crowley Lake, that Steelhead Trout from Bridgeport. I'd rather see the size of the men that landed them, for the one that just passed me on his way to the men's room, I believe he could sneak a small chicken out, cupped in his hand.

In the mornings this week, I am dead, my body well-used from get-up to fall-down. And so my son, impatient and eager to spend himself outdoors today, walks the dogs himself. His regard for my slow recovery is not unsympathetic, but there is work to be done. He does not like the looks of the ant hills out back.

It's a long stint, to Boston, to Ottawa, spring break, and now a moto-lodge in Eugene, OR. I'd like to keep my mind back to those growing faces, to the brighter lights of my own eyes by which I can capture their joys and stay young through them. Then I remember Robert Hass, recalling Sakyamuni teaching that the achievement of one's desire leads to more desire. So, yes, that is an easy one.

I don't care so much how this rambles, but if you don't mind my driving I'll take you to some interesting points now and then.



Skylers Dad said...

I'll gladly be a passenger on your journeys Michael, because it's not the destination, it's the trip itself.


The company you keep.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Perhaps it's my proclivity for a certain Styx song, but I would never object to the request to be someone's lady.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Just where have you been Mister? I be worried about you. Is it the new gal, or just the heavy travel workload as I suspect by this blog.

The Ice Monkeys finished the season 17-0, Mr. Sponsor and we are heading to the state tournament this weekend. I'll try and take sexy breezer pictures in the locker room for you.

Call me, dude!

GETkristiLOVE said...

Oh, and keep the "Sunlight... in your eyes!"

michael said...

sd: Always a spot for you, my friend. It is indeed about the company one keeps.

vtt: This place is so full of phonies. Let's you and me get out of here.

gkl: I just been, I dunno, processing stuff. You know, one of those days where you're thinking about stuff, and then suddenly it's 5 weeks later. But I'm fine. A bit of road time, power-nerding the rev D, lots of treadmilling and pool laps to keep a PMA.

I knew my sponsorship was the key to the team's success. Now send me some scantily-clad ice honey photos! Oh, and go kick state ass too! Give 'em eep!

vikkitikkitavi said...

Michael: In a minute. Right now it hurts so badly I must cry out loud.