StarFleet to George Takei: What about Lance Bass?

Thanks to tri-foldin' hockey-babe GetKristiLove for posting the news: George Takei will have sex with Tim Hardaway. I wouldn't have considered the man behind Sulu as an arbiter of sexual taste before now, but still I have to wonder. Who else out there is hot enough, forgivable enough, or just too damn tasty no-matter-what, to qualify for sexual attraction? If a gay-bashing former NBA semi-star player still cuts it, who else of arguable celebrity status is in the mix?

I suppose what I'm after is a litmus test, some pH-range of examples by which I might gauge the contributing factors to male-male sex appeal. Having only been hit one once by a guy (that I was aware of, anyway), and even then, by someone too drunk to say more than "time to do it 'til it hurts!" I don't have much personal experience to apply.

Lance Bass? Steven Colbert? Richard Simmons? Dick Cheney?
Steve Garvey?

Who got the mojo, George? Start a column or sumpn.


GETkristiLOVE said...

Most gay men I know love Travolta but I'm sure it would be you if you met them.

michael said...

Oh really? What do you think would turn them on about me?

Skylers Dad said...

The guy that plays Sawyer on Lost. I think the gay guys would go for his look.

GETkristiLOVE said...

EmmE: You're tidy, you play guitar, you like a good kick in the frontal lobe, and you look good in dem jeans, boy!