In Praise of DMSO

My right big toe has been recovering nicely, thank you. Sadly my digicam is fritzy and so no before-and-after pictures to share, but it was an ugly purple and magenta mess for a while.

I started applying dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) to the area this weekend and man, I am seeing some results. Almost a week since I munched the foot on a treadmill and after a few applications the discoloration has shrunk by 3/4 the original area. I've got discomfort in stepping, but I really have to bear down on the toe to feel much pain. The improvement day to day has been surprising to me, a normally rapid trauma healer.

There's plenty of literature out there on DMSO, it's pharmacological uses, the political history behind its marginalized acceptance in the US, and last but not least, adorable lab-coat mole-eyed laboratory scientist geek talk to read for your own head-spinning amusement. Quite an interesting array of properties in this compound. Check it out!


Skylers Dad said...

DMSO my butt, you are doin the 'roids, aren't you?

I'll bet in a few short months you will be all bulked out like
Aah-nold in his prime!

michael said...

I admit it; they had me at shrunken testicles and backne.

I saw some before-and-after photos of Lenny Dykstra, from his rookie year to last season, in the LA Times once. Gads. How can these guys remain willfully blind to the difference in their bodies? Seriously, the man started the game close to my height and weight. Now he looks like a fucking gorilla. That ain't diet and exercise.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Yeah, uh, you don't mind if I don't check out the properties of DMSO, do you? Because it looks really fucking boring.

michael said...

You think you're too cool for school. Well I got a news flash for you, Walter Cronkite.

You aren't!