You can look it up on Wikipedia if you like, or you can take my paraphrase thusly. I need more input gates for my output. Trying to dump it all in one place or another....eh. It seems confining.

I started blogging on Javaranch, tentatively, and tried to define by category what I'd write about. I lost interest rather quickly in predicting that, an enormous timesaver. I created categories that seemed appropriate, such as Java and Solaris, but then rarely, if ever, wrote on those topics.

Some time last year I rediscovered Salon through a series of associations. Back when access to Salon was mostly free, I posted on TableTalk. You can still google me and it and find pictures from my wedding day and playing with my son. I plucked around looking for freebies and came across their personals section, at the time powered by Spring Street Networks. FastCupid evetually took over and installed a blogging engine, and hey, what better way to get past a list of attributes and see how a prospective hot mama really thinks? I was also curious what I might write about among a crowd with a common interest, namely, fixating on images of people who don't want anything to do with you. You can check out those writings on the blog What Comes After Quaternary? Better yet, read my first post here; it's a warmed-over entry from there.

So, I have JavaRanch for geeking out, should I return to that, and Salon for mushy lovebarf, as my blolleague Noisy_Introvert likes to call it. Alas, each venue has its confines, perceived and real. As much as I like the community spirit of Salon Personals, you can't link to anything outside of it, or add more than one image to a post. The screening for coarse language is comical. When you can't write 'horny' or 'shit' on a website that includes, among others, people from Nerve, Salon, and The Onion, you know you've got Mommy Club ex-presidents running the show.

Those of 4-5 of you who missed me at I've Been Wondering, consider yourselves caught up. I'm not sure how fanning out will work just yet, but I'm aiming for less overlap instead of more. Except now that I just said that...


Mapraputa said...

Maybe I am stupid, but how can I subscribe? :confused:

michael said...

Blogger recommends using Google Reader as a subscription tool.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Thanks for the link again in your new place, and I am wondering, do you have something against the title of my blog?

michael said...

Well, I do have a recurring dream involving your pony tail and my inkwell. This appears to be its manifestation.

Lemme fix that. It was funny (to me) for a while, but it's over.